Welcome to my Hypnotic Realm

Let me take your mind to a dreamy hypnotic place where you feel the most deepest hypnotic arousal. If you enjoy losing yourself in profound erotic pleasure you will most definitely enjoy your time here alone with me. I am your Mind Goddess Mistress Marisa an established well respected professional Femdom Mistress who enjoys creating erotic hypnosis in my dungeon and here in my other realm of compelling addictive pleasure.

Here you will enter the gateway of unexplored erotic pleasure! Would you like to embark on an odyssey of exquisite hypnotic pleasure.

My 3-dimensional whispers helps emphasize and weave together metaphorically a web of words, suggestions, triggers and images in your mind to allow for a true hypnotic experience. All of my recordings are professionally recorded in my recording studio giving you crystal clear perfect sound. My hypnotic seductive whispers will envelope you deeply and very profoundly reaching those places were you feel the most deepest pleasure. Would you like to embark on many mesmerising journey’s with me now. Would you like to experience a much higher level of absolute euphoria.

Each time you fall deeply, you will experience deep profound euphoric pleasure. You will not find any of my audio files humiliating in any way, that is not how I work. I much prefer to use my hypnotic skills in a more seductive sensuous way. Wouldn’t you agree that it is so much more pleasurable to just lay back with your stereo headphones on knowing that you can just simply drift safely and easily into trance and enjoy exceptional deeply profound hypnotic sexual pleasure.

You will come to realize each time you breath my voice into your mind you become more mesmerized more hypnotised and willing to surrender to me. I am you Goddess of mind seduction. Your Huntress. The one you crave the one you desire. My creative skills will take your mind on many journeys. Journeys into another realm of complete hypnotic sexual pleasure. You will want to become addicted to my soft sensuous hypnotic voice. Knowing how good it feels to be taken deeply into compelling euphoric pleasure. Nothing to do except listen and obey.

Can you imagine drifting deeply while you listen to my words. Each whisper surrounding you like a soft gentle mist, enveloping your mind in a sensuously seductive compelling way. You will notice that my recordings make you feel that I am right there with you. I use many different sound effects to create a very realistic effect deep inside your mind. You may feel my warm breath so close while you drift deeply into my realm. I exercise control in all things and you will most definitely enjoy the ride.

Step inside and feel how good it feels to open your mind to higher levels of erotic hypnotic pleasure. Wearing stereo headphones will enhance your experience and allow for a truly deep magical hypnotic experience.