Would you like to know more about me?

My skills include training many Sub-missives in my private extensively equipped dungeon. As a highly skilled femdom Mistress I also specialize in the art of erotic hypnotic mind therapy. I am a serious Practitioner in Hypnosis mind therapy (CMT) I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and have combined my skills as a femdom Mistress with erotic sensuous hypnosis. By popular demand and due to my many hypnosis devotees that have visited my dungeon. I have created another realm in another time and another place, yes that’s right.

Here in my other wickedly seductive hypnotic realm. I am your true mind goddess. My hypnosis skills are extensive, with many years practising as a femdom mistress and using hypnosis in my dungeon. I know exactly what you need. I am your hypnotic Mind Goddess your mistress of intensive sexual hypnotic pleasure. Explore your hypnotic desires with your enchantress your seductress. Allow my soft sensuous whispers to penetrate the deepest places in your mind and body were you feel the deepest hypnotic pleasure. Hypnosis feels so much better when you listen to my enchanting mesmerizing voice. I am your Mind Goddess. Your true femdom hypnosis Mistress.

I Hold the key to your mind!

Mind goddess hypnosis MP3’s cover many categories including hypnotic mind control, feminisation, sensuous hypnosis, erotic brainwash, fetish hypnosis and so much more.

You will be completely mesmerized by my voice. I use state of the art recording technology. Using hypo-peripheral processing in all of my recordings, combining realizing subliminal hypnotic music that most definitely emphasizes a true hypnotic experience. The 3-dimensioan effects technique helps emphasize and weave together metaphorically a web of words, suggestions, triggers and images in your mind to allow for a true hypnotic experience. All of my recordings are professionally recorded in my own recording studio, giving you crystal clear perfect stereo sound. My hypnotic whispers will envelope your mind reaching those places were you feel the deepest satisfying pleasure.

Mind Goddess invites you to join her now in her new realm of decadence extravagance and hypnotic erotic sexual pleasure. Explore your hypnotic desires with me your enchantress your mind goddess now.