Brainwash Obediance



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Brainwash obediance will take you into a deep hypnotic state relaxing your mind and body. You will focus your attention listening to my voice as you deeply relax.

Hypnotic whispers surround you as you breath my voice deeper and deeper into your mind. becoming lost in those whispers that surround you.

You willingly surrender your mind deeper for pleasure.

Here in trance you want to obey each whisper filling your mind with irresistible pleasure, the more you listen the more you want to.

Nothing else matter at all as you drift into my realm of exquisite irresistible pleasure.

Every whisper fucking your mind so deep, so deliciously deep that all you can do is surrender even more.

This 38 minute file will take you into a dreamy hypnotic journey of intense orgasmic pleasure.