Deep Base Brainwash



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Deep base brainwash is a compelling brainwash file laced with subliminal whispers to enhance your hypnotic enjoyment.


Deep base brain wash has been created to enhance your masturbation pleasure.


My voice surrounding you, compelling your mind on a much deeper level.


This is an intense brainwash masturbation file that will only bring pleasure.


Deeper and deeper pleasure. I have included some hypnotic 3d Multiple whispers and some finger clicks that will activate more and more pleasure.


Layered whispers circle around deep inside your mind. Embedding euphoria even deeper, excitement grows more inside your mind compelling you more deeply.


You will want to listen to this 34 minute file again and again and experience higher levels of multi orgasmic pleasure.


Imagine how good you will feel as you just lay back and listen. Nothing to do except listen.


Let those whispers envelope your mind softly taking you into a dreamy hypnotic place.


How deep can you go. Would you like to feel even more pleasure, here alone with me?


Put on those stereo headphones and feel me close. Almost like I am right there with you.


Making you feel this deep compelling masturbation pleasure. Deep inside you will crave this pleasure more and more.