Edging Obsession



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Edging obsession.


Before listening to this extremely highly erotic hypnosis edging file.


It would be good if you followed instructions. Play my edging games with me properly.


By that I mean, if you truly enjoy going to the edge then here you must obey. Its important to listen, following instructions will only bring pleasure.


Lubricant is a good idea while edging. I don’t want you to go hurting that cock now do I.


Because I want you to use this file at least 3/4 times or more weekly before following on to the next obsession edging file.


Otherwise your not really edging.


Here, this file will take you into a dreamy subspace state where I impregnate your mind with serious hypnotic bliss.


Floating you into subspace easily because here obey means pleasure.


This 33 minute file will take you to the edge several times if not more before I leave you to wait until next time.


This edging file contains 3D surround sound whispers and triggers as all my files do. 3D surround whispers make you feel that I am right there with you.


So all you have to do now is relax. Come with me on this highly charged sexual edging journey and explore your sexual desire. Yes, desire my control.