Feminised and Fucked



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Feminised and fucked

Here this erotic feminising audio will take you on a journey of exquisite feminizing pleasure.

A deeply sensuous and very sexual hypnotic audio.

Do you fantasise about a sexy sensuous shemale taking you?

Your here because you want to feel more feminine, you want to feel how good it feels to be fucked by a shemale.

Aromas fill your mind as you go deeper and deeper in lust.

So feminine and so very horny, this thirty eight minute file will make you feel so feminine and you will enjoy this compelling sexual arousal.

Can you imagine feeling more feminine, this softly sensuous audio will give you all of this pleasure and more.

Soft whispers, soft sexual moans of pleasure will make you want more.

Step into this deeply erotic feminine place now, and feel how good it feels to be more feminine, feel her cock take you into euphoria now!