Feminized Surrender



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Feminised erotic surrender Another fantastic erotic feminising file taken from my other website Mistress Marisa


If you have never listened to this file then you will be mesmerized and feel compelled to become more and more feminine.


Swept away in euphoria as that soft sensuous silk bed teases your naked skin.


Soft sensuous whispers surround you taking you softly into that girly place


Moment by moment you drift so deep to that dreamy feminine place.


Here you want to surrender because here is where you need to be.


Every inch of your naked body becoming more and more feminine.


Those breast grow slowly as you become more content.


Drenched in arousal drenched in euphoria while you feel those soft whispers surrounding you mind you crave more.


You feel so good so soft so sensual just like a women.


Feminine just as you like it, this 35 minute file will take you deeply and softly into feminised erotic bliss.