Magic Mirror



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Magic mirror is a magical mirror to take you into a feminine place.


Allow your mind to relax. Let your male mind sleep for a while.


Can you imagine drifting to a dreamy feminine place.


Let any distractions just fade away and enjoy this feminising file.


Here you will feel only feminine pleasure, I know it’s what you want isn’t it.


Letting you male mind go to sleep and enjoy how good it feels to become more feminine. My voice surrounds you, my whispers envelope your mind taking you deeper beyond your mind and body.


Feminine sexual arousal becomes more intense here. You allow yourself to drift and fall even deeper.


Sensuous feminine thoughts will fill your mind.


Images of those feminine things that you really enjoy.


My voice caressing your mind with soft sensuous whispers while you look in the mirror.


Sensuous aromas fill your mind making you feel more feminine.


This feminization file is a soft gentle file without the use of humiliation.


Showing you how to pleasure yourself like a women.


Would you like to step into my world for 28 minutes of sensuous feminising bliss.


Feel more like a women


Come with me now.