wicked step mom and nurse sophie



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Wicked step mom and nurse Sophie are here for you. She suggests you come to her room

Wicked step mom brings nurse Sophie to take a look at you.

Yes, your hot with fever you need to relax don’t you.

Relax while that naughty wicked step mom gets inside your mind.

It can only bring pleasure.

Soon you will drift away to that dreamy familiar place where only wicked step mom can take you.

Deep in trance she makes that cock get harder and its so hard to resist her.

Compelled to listen and drift away her whispers so soft so sensuous you simply cannot resist this delicious pleasure.

You become lost in her whispers her stilettos her seemed stockings mesmerize you.

Here you become a very attentive good boy.

You will worship wicked step mom and Nurse Sophie.

Their high stiletto heels sink deeply inside your mouth and you suck, don’t you!

This erotic long forty three minute dirty hypnosis file will take you deep and you will enjoy every single moment of the slow erotic tease. The slow erotic sensuous worship gives you pleasure. Orgasmic bliss is just a moment away.

Can you handle wicked step mom and nurse sophie